Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet Marc the MUA

Marc and I were just chilling at my house last night and I suddenly had a genius idea... There's a tag on Youtube that was initiated by emilynoel83 this spring that consists of allowing your man to do your makeup. Men don't realize how much goes into [a nice] face of makeup! And I also wanted to put Marc to the test... Just how much does he pay attention when I talk about makeup (which is ALOT)?

So here's how it went down: Marc selected products from my makeup collection, without any help from me... Because it was rather late, I told him to skip the foundation and just use concealer and powder (which, believe it or not, I do once in a while)... Here were his choices:

Brushes (from left to right):
  • Blush brush by Eco Tools
  • A random concealer brush that came in a set I bought at Winners
  • Eye Smudger Brush by Quo (used EVERYWHERE but initially selected for my CREASE)
  • Eyeshadow brush by Elegant (which is actually a fantastic brush!)
  • Prefessional Lip Defining Brush by e.l.f.
So before I actually get into the other products, here's what I looked like after our amateur MUA was done beatin' my face:

By the way, there is no eyeliner in my waterline... It looks so dark because I was crying of laughter.

And here's a closeup:
On the eyes:
  • Eye Trio Shade in Sundown Glow by The Body Shop
  • Eyeshadow in Serpent by Smashbox
  • Eyeshadow in Asphalt by NYX
  • Master Drama by Eyestudio in Midnight Master by Maybelline (used to line my upper lid AND fill in my eyebrows which look like flipped over parentheses)
  • High Definition Separating Mascara in Extreme Black by NYC
Marc had a vision... A sultry look for a Saturday night out... I think he wanted there to be a gradation of color from light champagne (from The Body Shop trio) to golden (NYX shadow) to a dark green (Smashbox shade). The positioning was a little off from the get-go, hence the mish-mash of all three colors, all the way up into my browbone. However, I have to commend Marc on the perfectly straight eyeliner application. I actually felt him making small strokes (and not a disgraceful stroke)! And the mascara is not that bad either! Now for the eyebrows... I don't know what to say nor where to start...

On the face:
  • Duo Mat Powder Foundation in shade 216 by MUFE
  • Dream Mousse Concealer in Latte by Maybelline
  • Sheertone Blush in Pinch Me by MAC
SMH... The powder was applied properly (after I told him to press the puff into my face because he was stoking my face in the mildest way ever, as if powdering a baby)... But the half-moons of concealer absolutely KILLED me!!! My sister was watching the whole process (because it was entertaining as all hell!) and her expression when she saw the concealer was priceless! The picture doesn't really show it, but blush was applied all up the side of my nose... Who knows, Babe... Maybe you can start a new trend: contouring with a pink blush...

On the lips:
  • Black Label Lipstick in Apple by NYX
  • Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Nude Lustre by Revlon
  • Lipliner in Burgundy by Annabelle (which was used AFTER the lipstick and lipgloss application)
Kudos for selecting a lipstick and lipgloss that I would actually wear together, Marc! Apple is a very orange red which is definitely a statement shade, so green eyeshadow may be a little too much... It can be done, but it's a little much!

The artist and I...

... and me feeling myself!!! Being fierce! UdeS sweatshirt, messy hair and all!

This is a great exercice to do with your man! This way, he will never again complain about how long it takes you to get ready!!!

Marc, you're such a good sport!!! I haven't laughed that hard in a while! And please, pretty, pretty please, do not quit your day job!